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I am so happy to announce that this blog, has been VOTED 2016 BEST ON LONG ISLAND!

What’s Up Long Island? started out as just a Facebook page, which grew rapidly within a year gaining over 10,000 followers!  I wanted to be able to post and share more about Long Island and that’s why was created.  Today What’s Up Long Island’s Facebook fans are almost at 20,000!

At this point I want to be about Long Island people.  People who have a story to tell.  I want to know who, why, when and where about you, your history, your skill, your family, your business, your love of Long Island.  Things may change over time, as things often do, but for now I want it to be about us.  Long Islander’s.

I run the Facebook , Instagram, Twitter & Google + pages as well as this blog by myself, in my “spare” time.  Which is why I may disappear from time to time.  I am a Web Developer on Long Island too which is why I like being on the computer a lot.

I could really use your help, Long Island.  I want to hear about you. Share your story and show the world what Long Island has to offer. If you also have any great causes or issues going on around Long Island, I want to hear about that too.

If you are interested in being a guest Blogger and want to tell your Long Island story on, please contact me at


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