Verizon Doesn’t Care About the Safety of Long Island Families



If you haven’t already heard, Verizon Workers are on Strike.  Verizon has been hiring people from all over, to cross the picket lines and take over jobs with no background checks and no training.  Please read the warning from Michael Gendron, Executive Vice President at CWA 1108.

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Our strike has taken a new direction that has me very concerned for the well being of my members, but even more so for the people of Suffolk and Nassau County. Verizon has hired workers through a subcontractor that has not done a good job of screening and vetting the people they hired and they have them driving to people’s homes in vehicles that have no marking as to who they are performing work for. They do not wear any clothes to identify themselves as doing work for Verizon. In just 2 days, 1 was arrested in Nassau for pulling out a machete like knife on our mobile picketers and another punched one of my members in the nose and eye because my member pushed his cell phone away from his face. They are constantly looking for a confrontation but we have trained our mobile picketers to be disciplined and not to get into any physical altercations. Quite frankly, these are violent, aggressive people with questionable backgrounds and temperament.

I am greatly concerned that we do not know who Verizon are sending in to the homes of our neighbors or what they have done in the past. The unmarked vehicles are going to lend itself to scam artists and criminals duping people to let them in to their homes. No one should let anyone into their home unless they arrive in Verizon vehicle and have proper ID. Would prefer you didn’t let any scabs in, but for safety sake, No ID, No entry!!

This should be a great concern to my friends who serve in any level of government and they should be calling Verizon to stop this practice before someone gets seriously hurt.
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Corporate Verizon wants to demolish the Union, move their workers on a moments notice away from their families, move our call center US jobs overseas, take away health benefits and pensions. They want to cut as many corners to put more money into their pockets and take away, what used to be, a good paying US job.

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