Home Cleaning Giveaway Just for Long Islanders From NLZ Cleaning!


Hey Long Island! Who wants to win a Home Cleaning Giveaway!  Perfect for after the holidays!

Home Cleaning Giveaway from NLZ Cleaning Long Island

Don’t want to wait until after the holidays?  NLZ Cleaning has offered WULI’s readers a special 15% OFF ALL SERVICES!  Just  use the code WULI

Here’s is what makes NLZ Cleaning unique!

I noticed I could buy and pay for just about anything online. Whatever it was I needed, I could have completed in just a few taps on my phone. I found the same issue when it came to hiring somebody to clean my apartment. A long drawn out process getting quotes from companies who first needed scheduled an estimate, then negotiate pricing, all before scheduling the cleaning. After all this, I still wasn’t sure how the cleaning was going to turn out.

I decided to mesh the old style local cleaning service with the latest in online technology. Offer simple flat rates pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms so the customer is in total control of what he or she will pay. Make the booking process as seamless as possible with a well designed website that operates smoothly on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. And offer easy ways to get in contact with a real person via live online chat. Give customers all the information they need to make an informed decision, and offer an intuitive platform to that’s easy to navigate.

Currently, there’s a massive shift in traditional home service businesses. Things like, home cleaning, lawn care, car wash, house painting, carpet cleaning, window washing, etc, are all ripe for disruption. The current businesses model of local service businesses, don’t cater to the demands of busy people. When I need my home cleaned, I want to know I can get it done quickly right from my phone. It’s up to the businesses to find ways to craft their businesses around these demands. The technology is available, it’s a matter of learning how to apply it to each type of business.

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