Plant a Vineyard in Your Own Backyard


Back in 2010 I did a summer internship at Martha Clara Vineyards. Living on the vineyard, working with the crew, and trailing Jim Thompson, the brilliant and humble vineyard manager, allowed me, in the course of a single season, to become completely engulfed in the nuance and elegance of the grapevine. I was obsessed. I didn’t know how yet, but I knew I desperately needed a way to share the rich complexity of viticulture with everyone. In the following years I worked with dozens of vineyards… secretly formulating the business plan as it is today.

The way the business operates is relatively simple – I get a call asking to plant a vineyard, I visit my customer and see which variety(ies) would best suit their land and their tastes. In the spring the trellis and the plants are installed and I begin to train and care for the plants. Then, once the plants are producing, we throw a harvest party at the end of the season and I start making the wine.

Besides the finished product (wine!), the returns are profound: connecting people with the land, educating them on the dying art of agriculture, and creating a balanced and healthy ecological environment. The challenges are immense which may be part of the reason I am the only one on the east coast offering these services. All my customers agree that this is the greatest and final necessity for any self proclaimed wine enthusiast.

Stephen Scarnato, Guest Blogger for

To learn more about our services, or to start a vineyard in your own backyard, visit us at or email me at

Please check out our kickstarter page to view a video which will explain more.


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