A Local Restaurant That Gives Back


What’s Up Long Island? Loves to give credit, where credit is due.  A fairly new restaurant that opened in Rocky Point, Suffolk County, is making quite a name for themselves.  I have been in there a few times and highly enjoyed their burgers and very large (it’s an actual book you choose from) selection of beer ;).  Their staff is very friendly and the atmosphere alone, makes me want to go back.  The name of this restaurant is BBD’s  (Beers – Burgers – Desserts) in Rocky Point, NY.  Besides the great food and atmosphere, what also impressed me was what they do for local residence.  Here is a small blurb explaining what they offer from their Manager Matthew.

“Beers, Burgers, Desserts in Rocky Point, NY, believe’s it’s important to give back to those who dedicate their lives to serving others. We are excited to announce our two new promotions that give us that chance to say thank you. Thursdays are what we now call our Rocky Point Local Heroes Night. Whether you work in the school system, police department, fire department, medical field, current or former military, we believe it’s important to say thank you for all that you do and offer something for nothing. Every Thursday, let our staff know that you work in these fields and we’ll present you with a complimentary full order of Pub Potatoes. Something you can nosh on while you hang out with those you work hard alongside every day. Additionally, what better way to show respect to the local service industry than with our own Service Industry Night every Monday. Mondays are the beginning of the weekend for most who work in hospitality, and no one knows better than us that most service industry people want two things…to save money and we all love Asian cuisine. So on TOP of our insane Happy Hour, we offer our Ramen Bar offerings (Bao Buns, Duck Drumsticks & Ramen) on a specialty menu that will make any waiter relax knowing they can grab a bite to eat, grab a few beers with their co-workers, and not break the bank after a long weekend.”

In case you would like more info:

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