If You “Love The Island”, Then You Will Love This!


We’ve lived and raised a family on The Island most of our lives. It really is a wondrous place with the best of everything right here. Two great New York City boroughs reside at one end. It’s surrounded by water and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world all the way out to the other end. You are never more than 20-30 minutes away from water, or more than 2 hours away from the greatest city in the world – few places can claim that.

LOVE THE ISLAND - THROW PILLOWS - BLUE-1That’s why so many of us know we are lucky to call The Island home. If The Island were to be its own state, with 7.8 million people it would be the 13th largest. Smarts, talent, culture, innovation, opportunity, diversity and a no nonsense attitude permeate our lives – the “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere” culture. So it’s no wonder that important things are created here and happen here; influential people are born here, come here and stay here. Celebrities from every field, moguls from around the world, and even a Beatles have homes here. It’s just that special.

We’ve always wanted to find a way to celebrate all that The Island has to offer and what it means to us in a way that we can all share. What better way than to tap its unique fish-like shape and create a smiling icon with a brand name that says it all? We, simply, Love The Island.

We are just starting out but our mission is to curate a range of high quality casual apparel and products that fit those times when you are with family and friends, be it a party, at the beach, on the water, at an event, or playing sports…together. Times that create memories.

LOVE THE ISLAND - CLASSIC CAPS-2We also want to help special causes. The one issue that really struck us is the fact that there are a lot of people on The Island that go hungry. This just shouldn’t be. So when we read the Mission Statement of Long Island Cares, the charity founded by the late musician and singer / songwriter Harry Chapin, with their vision of “A Hunger Free Long Island,” we knew we had found our cause. Therefore, we are starting our association with this great organization by creating a Car Magnet Donation.(see LI Cares link above)


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